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December ’22 Release: What’s New with Meevo

December 26, 2022

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The final Meevo Release of the year is here! 2022 will be behind us in just a few days and we’re excited to wrap it up with some valuable enhancements that will continue to benefit the beauty and wellness businesses we support.

Learn all about the latest software updates and how they’ll impact your business in this Q&A with Andrew Clarke, VP of Product Development.


Q1) What are some of the most noteworthy enhancements Meevo users can look forward to with this release?


  • New option to disable the automatic lock screen This update was based on the feedback we received in a survey sent out earlier this year. In a previous release, we made it possible for businesses to completely disable forced password changes every X days or they could simply adjust the frequency so that they only need to change their password once per year. This additional enhancement now allows businesses to disable Meevo from locking your session due to inactivity. Users will also have the option to increase the lockout window time from 2 hours to 4 hours of inactivity. This feature update improves the usability of Meevo on mobile devices.


  • Improved logic for client-facing Appointment Confirmation page – Receiving more than one booking confirmation message has created some confusion for clients who have already confirmed their appointment. Now when a client attempts to respond a second time, they’ll receive a notification that their appointment is confirmed.


  • Receipt improvementsWe’ve made several improvements to the receipts that Meevo generates to help combat any chargeback disputes that may occur.


Q2. Which new Meevo feature are you most excited for our customers to benefit from?


Report format optionsWe now default all report generation in PDF format but still allow users to select their preferred format prior to running the report. This update will help reports generate faster and also provide the added bonus of viewing multiple reports at once as they open in a new browser tab.  This also eliminates the need to run the report and export it into a PDF or Excel document.


Q3. Are there any upcoming enhancements that have been highly requested through the Ideas Portal?


Yes! We are working on a brand new Online Booking experience and plan to begin development in Q1 of 2023. We included many businesses in the design process to create an experience that’s easy to use on desktop and mobile devices.

In addition, we have lots of Wait List improvements, a No Show notification, a client app, and even an employee app planned for release next year. There are a lot of upcoming enhancements to be excited for and we’re very thankful for all of the great feedback we’ve received to help make Meevo the most loved software in the industry!


We appreciate you being a part of the Meevo community. We can’t wait to hear how the tools in this release help your business.


Make sure to view the full Release Notes by clicking on the “?” button in Meevo and selecting ”Walk-Through Help”.

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