Video: 3 Surefire Ways to Double Your Salon Retail Sales

April 11, 2019  /  By Jason Everett

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Would you like to know how to double your salon’s retail sales in the next 30 days?

Today I’m going to give you three quick tips that will help you do exactly that.

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How do you get your staff to actually double their retail sales when you’ve probably told them everything you could imagine to help them sell more retail and they’re still not doing it?

We created this program called the:

Double Your Retail Sales Challenge 

Every day for 30 days we send your team a Facebook messenger message with a video of me teaching a technique to help double your salon’s retail sales. It’s a fantastic tool.

Today I want to show you three of my favorites so you can get a feel for what to expect in the challenge:

  1. Problem-Solution

Most stylists think about products in terms of what it does, the ingredients, how many years were spent formulating the product, etc. and they just talk about the benefits.

But if you just talk in terms of the problem – what is the problem that the guest is having with their hair and the solution – what is the solution that the product provides, that will totally change how guests position the product in their mind.

  1. If This, Then That 

It’s a phrase that you can say to make sure that you position retail appropriately. So you say, “If you need this benefit, then try this hair care solution.” A more specific example is, “If you need less frizzy hair, then try this product that specializes in removing frizz.

  1. Treat the Hair Not the Person 

 A good friend of mine said, “Jason, what so many people do is they get worried about the guest who’s sitting in their chair: Can they afford it? Do they like it? Will they reject me? And they get tied up in the person.”

But he says,

“Treat the hair, not the person.”

Meaning the hair doesn’t care. The hair just needs what it needs and it doesn’t have all the drama and hangups a guest might have. So just talk to the hair and tell the hair exactly what it needs, and believe it or not, you will actually sell more retail.

Valuable tips like these can be delivered every single day to not just you, but your entire staff! That’s what we’re doing in this program.

If you want to find out how you can sign up for the Double Your Retail Sales Challenge, email us at with the subject line  CHALLENGE”, and we’ll send you information about how you can jump into our next training.

We have another one starting next month. I’d love to have you be a part of it and get your whole staff signed up and see if you can double your retail sales in the next 30 days!

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Until then, have an awesome week!


Jason Everett

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Jason Everett, High Performance Salon

Jason’s infectious high energy and drive to make everyone he meets the best possible version of themselves, has landed him on center stage in the Salon Edu-tainment scene. Jason is one of the founders of the High Performance Salon Academy which specializes in taking salons that are already successful and cranking up their success to an 11! Their non-traditional and unconventional approach to learning uses the latest in technology and social media strategies to quickly train and equip the most attention-strained owners, leaders and service providers on how to rapidly implement what they learn.

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