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Email Marketing Trends to Increase Open Rates

June 22, 2018

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Email marketing can be a powerful tool for your salon or spa when used to its full potential. While consumers are bombarded by branded messaging from every direction, email continues to dominate the marketing world. We’ve gathered the top marketing trends to implement into your email strategy to boost open rates and your ROI.

How to Set Up Your Email Marketing to Fuel Your Business

Successful email marketing campaigns start with strategic planning and implementation. Emails with the highest open and click-through rates are targeted, personalized, mobile-friendly, and sometimes automated based on client behavior.


Personalization is a powerful way to engage your subscribers. Recent studies on brain activation, reveal there are few things that light us up quite like seeing our own names. Our names are connected to our self-perception and identity. As a result, we as consumers become more engaged and even more trusting of messaging where our name appears.

Here are a few ways you can personalize your messaging:

  • Add your subscribers’ first names in your email content or subject line
  • Email your subscribers on their birthdays. They’ll love a celebratory message!
  • Thank clients for purchasing a product, give them advice for using it, and then recommend similar products they might like.

Studies show that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened thus boosting your open and click-through rate.

List Segmentation

The more your content tailors to different demographics and lifestyles, the more it’ll resonate with your email subscribers. This leads to higher open and click-through rates. According to the Direct Marketing Association, targeted emails can drive up to 77% of your overall email ROI. Take the time to segment your clientele based on needs and wants and create campaigns for each persona.

Mobile-Responsive Design

Over half (54%) of emails are now opened via mobile. Crafting your emails with mobile in mind ensures all subscribers can view the email without any formatting issues. Research shows that click-throughs from mobile have risen over 15% in recent years, so your design can immensely affect your conversion rate. When designing emails for mobile consider features such as single column layouts, big call-to-action buttons that don’t require any scrolling to find, minimum 14-pt font, and a sleek yet minimalist style.

Automated Campaigns

Automated email campaigns based on customer data keep your business in front of clients without much effort. These campaigns support the customer journey and help support behaviors such as re-booking, retention, and feedback. Set up campaigns to trigger for scenarios such as welcoming a new client, feedback after an appointment, birthdays and anniversaries, ‘we miss you’ after a client hasn’t returned in over 90 days, missed appointments, etc.

Types of Content to Implement in Your Email Marketing

Content is the key to successful email marketing. Here are a few types of content to consider to boost your campaigns:

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content allows you to deliver personalized content to each subscriber, all from one email. Simply put, dynamic content is HTML content that changes based on the viewer. When subscribers match the criteria you set for your dynamic content (such as location, gender, persona), a variation of content will display that’s relevant to that viewer.

Valuable Content

Use your email platform to provide valuable content that goes beyond offers, promotions and product information. Today’s consumers crave useful information that speaks to their lifestyle. Think gift guides, how-tos, related news, tips and tricks, look of the day, etc. Your subscribers will stay engaged with your brand if you make the effort to educate, entertain and find unique ways to incorporate more than “selling” into your messaging.

Interactive Content

Depending on your target audience, making your emails fun to read with interactive content is a great way to increase the engagement rates and reduce bounce rates. Marketing research shows that consumers love interacting with emails that include image galleries, sliders, buttons, quizzes, search bars, and surveys.

The Ultimate Marketing Guide

Email should only be a pillar in your overall marketing strategy. Luckily, there are endless ways to market your salon or spa and create long-lasting brand awareness. Put these industry-proven ideas into action, and watch your hard work turn into mutually-beneficial relationships, paying (and happy) clients, and an increased bottom line. Download our free guide for 100 ideas to build your brand and increase your bottom line including social media contests, advertising, social media marketing, and much more.


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