Father’s Day Marketing and Promotions for Spas and Salons

May 17, 2024

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Father’s Day marketing and promotions for spas and salons can increase your clientele by bringing more male clients and families into your place of business.

Typically, spas and salons target women as their primary audience, but your business could leave money behind if you neglect to market to men. In a 2022 consumer trends report from the International Spa Association, 49% of respondents were men. The demand is undeniable!

Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity to engage more men and highlight the value of self-care with your treatments. Follow along for strategies on how to promote your services like a pro to the dads in your community over this heartfelt holiday.

Father’s Day Marketing Ideas

Though many men are interested in spa and salon services, they gravitate toward different services than women. Here are a few examples:

  • Massage is typically the most popular treatment for men.
  • They’re interested in skin care, fitness, and hydrotherapy.
  • They prefer solutions-based treatments.

A massage, pedicure, and professional haircut are refreshing, especially for men who have never experienced luxurious pampering.

Because some men perceive spas as a feminine location, many spas and salons offer cold beer and create a masculine vibe to make men feel more comfortable coming in. Be strategic about your decor, marketing materials, and atmosphere to be more inclusive of men in your community.

Father’s Day Promotion Ideas

Father’s Day spa specials are an excellent way to build a male clientele. Finding a unique Father’s Day gift can be challenging — booking a massage or hair appointment at a salon is a memorable way for wives and kids to treat their husbands and fathers.

Here are five easy marketing ideas to help you bring in dads and keep them coming back.

1. Offer Low-Maintenance Luxury

Promote easy-to-use skin and hair care products, signature scents, and other soothing selections to make mornings efficient for your male clients.

Not everyone will follow a complex, high-maintenance hygiene routine. Offering straightforward, approachable options for guys on the go is an inclusive way to boost your sales.

2. Promote Health Benefits

Chronic stress can adversely affect men, manifesting in health issues like depression, obesity, and high blood pressure. That’s why you should promote the wellness benefits of salon and spa services like massages and facials to keep men at their happiest and healthiest all year long.

For example, you can market your massage therapy as essential self-care and advertise how a fresh haircut can improve confidence. When men treat themselves empathetically, good health will surely follow.

3. Focus on Results

Talk about the practical benefits of your services. A man may struggle to picture himself relaxing in a bathrobe with cucumbers over his eyes, but something to soothe his sunburn and a sports treatment to ease the knots in his back might be on the top of his wish list. Every dad wants and deserves to look and feel their best, so make sure you deliver with retail offers.

Sell their favorite products like self-care, beard oils, low-maintenance home treatments, and any other bestsellers. Let your clients quickly collect their Father’s Day gifts by offering a contactless transaction with easy curbside pickup.

4. Showcase Gift Bundles

Whether it’s a hand–selected care package of top men’s products or a group of two or three complementary pampering services, bundles take the stress out of choosing! Dad can sit back, relax, and have everything taken care of for him. Select no-pressure, gender-neutral services perfect for easing men into the spa and salon experience.

Give the gift of quality time with baskets curated for couples and father-child bonding. Digital gift cards or a classic coupon book make excellent gifts that encourage men to return for multiple visits. And since customers can buy digital gift cards online anytime, you don’t have to wait for a holiday weekend to market this gift idea.

Meevo’s versatile spa and salon software allows you to offer clients eGift cards, so they can easily treat the men in their lives with salon and spa services for occasions like Father’s Day.

5. Offer Group Specials

A man who has never been to a salon or spa before may be more comfortable coming in with someone else. Create family-oriented Father’s Day spa packages that encourage dads to come in with their kids or partners for a special day of rest and rejuvenation together.

You could also market affordable pampering services specifically to men. Consider hosting a “Guys’ Day,” where the only clients you see are men. Offer specials if a group of friends come in together, and consider discounts for veterans and first responders.

Through Meevo’s software, you can offer membership plans that are incredibly versatile. Our swap/share/split options allow your members to ask for different services without changing their membership, so they stay loyal and engaged with your brand.


Celebrate Father’s Day With Meevo

Father’s Day celebrates the unique relationship between dads and their kids. Use these five promotional ideas to serve more families and market to men in your community.

Are you interested in more salon and spa marketing tips? Meevo’s versatile software solutions empower spa and salon owners to thrive amid busy schedules. Reach out to us today for a free consultation and learn what our platform can do for your business!

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