4 Tips to Keep Your Hairstylists Healthy and Happy!

August 15, 2019

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Creating a healthy salon environment means striking the perfect balance between creating a happy and healthy environment for both your staff and your clients. Millennials have been reported to spend 21% more money for greater customer and employee care, which means higher revenue and a happier culture.
How should you get started? Check out the best tips for creating a happy and healthy salon environment!

Happy Hair Stylist
A hair stylist’s job is to help make their clients feel confident and look beautiful however the reality of a day in the life of a hairstylist is hard work and involves so much more than simply washing, cutting, and styling. You may not consider hairstyling to be a physically exhausting career, but it can most definitely take a toll on their health.

How can you help promote healthy hairstylist in your salon? Here are our best tips to keep your hairstylists healthy and happy.

All Hail Hanging Hairdryers
Have you ever seen a hair salon with hanging hair dryers? And there’s a reason beyond the modern aesthetic they create.

Hanging hair dryers are designed to support the weight of hairdryers instead of being held entirely by the stylist to alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel can be caused in the shoulders or arms due to the weight of hair dryers.

According to
Modern Salon, 15% of salon professionals indicated they were dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome, while 35% of respondents worried that they might have this issue in the future.
Invest in hanging your hairdryers! This can relieve the pain your stylists have or will have in the future and encourage healthy hands! While you’re at it, check out who else is using hanging hair dryers in their salon.
Cut with Comfort
One of the most common injuries in the haircutting world starts in the wrist, so it’s important to use high-quality tools for injury prevention. Where should you start? Sam Villa is one of the salon industry’s most influential educators as well as the founder of the Sam Villa® brand and his brand offers a wide variety of tips, techniques, and a branded line of tools designed to take the stress off hair stylist’s hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.
Your tools matter
Step onto a Healthier Lifestyle
Whether hairstylist is washing, cutting, coloring, or styling hair, they’re on their feet for most of their workday which can cause back and leg pain, as well as fatigue that can take a toll on your health.
One way to combat pain and fatigue is to invest in supportive floor mats! Smart Step floor mats are the answer to fatigue for a standing industry. These mats are specifically designed to suspend the body’s weight by reducing fatigue and improving circulation!
Beauty Without Cruelty
Consumers are becoming extremely health and environmentally conscious and are looking for sustainable and natural products in their salons. Meet your customer’s expectations and stock your shelves with vegan products.
With veganism becoming one of the fastest-growing health trends globally, expectations to see the launch of fully vegan salons is high. Salons are anticipated to offer certified vegan food, furniture, retail, andfacilities.
Now you’re not only looking out for the health of your hairstylist but clients as well! Click here to read more about how veganism is shaping the beauty industry.
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