Digital Glow-Up: Strategies to Boost Your Brand’s Online Reputation

May 05, 2024

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With more and more customers turning to Google and other search engines to find a salon or spa for their next appointment, taking control of and improving your online reputation is critical to future growth.

A powerful online reputation helps to attract clients to your business and book more appointments. But what can you do to enhance your online presence and build a revenue-generating reputation?

Focusing on these four strategies is a crucial first step. And while they may seem complicated and time-consuming, spa and salon software can simplify them through powerful, built-in marketing features – such as Meevo’s Online Presence Management platform.



1) Control Business Information on Listing Sites

Inaccurate business information on listing sites such as Google and Yelp can confuse guests and even cause your business to not appear in search results.

That’s why it’s critically important to ensure your business information is accurate across all online listing sites. This includes business hours, address, phone number, business name, and website.

Interested to see a sneak-peak of how your business data is displayed online? Try out the Business Listing Scan tool within your spa and salon software to check the health of your business’s online information and see if there are any listings that need to be updated.


2) Manage and Respond to Client Reviews

When potential clients search online for a salon or spa, one of the first things they’ll look for are reviews from other customers. These can be Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and Yelp reviews, to name a few.

If they see a business with too many negative reviews and no responses from the business, they’ll be more likely to skip over and seek out a different salon or spa.

Actively managing, reviewing, and responding to client reviews can help to improve your overall ratings and show potential clients you are engaged with your customers – significantly increasing the chances of attracting new guests. Fortunately, you can stay on top of everything right from your spa and salon software.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your ratings, be sure to ask happy guests after checkout to leave a review for your business. You may be surprised by how eager clients will be to help!



3) Improve Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When a potential client searches Google for “best salon near me,” the displayed search results show only local salons with a high review rating. This is why local search engine optimization (SEO) is so crucial for salons and spas.

By ensuring your business information is accurate across the internet and better managing your customer reviews, you’re already taking some of the necessary steps to improve your local SEO and increase discoverability.

As discoverability increases, potential clients are more likely to find your salon or spa in local search results and even Google Maps – significantly improving the chances of a new client finding your business and booking their first appointment.

And data backs this up – a study from HubSpot found that 72% of consumers that did a local search visited a business within five miles!


4) Measure and Track Online Analytics

After taking the time to clean up your business listings, manage reviews, and improve local SEO, how can you tell if your online reputation strategy is working (besides seeing many more booked appointments)?

By having access to Online Presence Analytics, you can measure and track a wide variety of metrics to see if your efforts are starting to improve your online reputation. These include:

  • Total impressions
  • Website traffic
  • Website traffic by source
  • Engagement
  • Pageviews
  • Social followers
  • Average review ratings
  • Google search actions

Some of this data you can track through your Google My Business and Google Search Console accounts, as well as your company Facebook page. But having all this data in one central location can save a considerable amount of time, which Meevo Marketing provides through its Online Presence Analytics solution.

Knowing your numbers and understanding your data is essential to business success, and it’s no different with your online analytics!

Control Your Brand & Enhance Your Online Reputation with Meevo Spa & Salon Software

Colin Caruso, Artistic Director of Color for John Paul Mitchell Systems and the Owner and Stylist at Salon Caru, said in one of our Coffee Talk episodes that attracting new clients is more important than ever before for beauty and wellness businesses.

Taking control of your online reputation and implementing strategies to boost your salon or spa’s discoverability is a critical step in improving client attraction and growing your business – and Meevo spa and salon software can simplify this process and help your business thrive well into the future!


Discover how Meevo can save you time, increase revenue, and simplify your day-to-day

with smart and reliable tools designed for beauty & wellness businesses just like yours!



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