HIPAA compliance

The Importance of HIPAA Compliance and Security

January 24, 2020

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As the trend for healthy living becomes more of a focus for the beauty and wellness industry, more and more health salons, spas, and holistic medical facilities have taken off in popularity, making it critical that businesses are working with HIPAA compliant Business Associates, like Millennium for their salon and spa software.


In order to achieve HIPAA compliance, 100% of MSI staff was trained and educated on the importance of safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI), allowing your salon or spa to carry the HIPAA compliance into your own business and beyond. In addition, Millennium has taken on the responsibility of data stewardship by developing policies and practices that support the importance of data privacy.


Peace of Mind Security

Meevo 2 is hosted on Amazon Web Services’ Secure Cloud architecture, giving you the keys to keep your spa or salon software secure. With the adjustable security settings and the mobility to access your software from anywhere, we’re helping create a more secure and convenient experience for our salons and spas to serve their clients.


Security in Meevo 2

We made our software even more secure through our company-wide HIPAA compliancy, in addition to our already standing security practices in place for Meevo 2.
  • Off-premise restrictions– Meevo 2 allows you to set custom settings for each role and each staff member in terms of who can access what features both inside and outside of your salon or spa. You have full control over which of your team members can book appointments and make necessary changes to your daily operations, all while protecting the integrity of your business.
  • Permission is your decision– You have the option to not only grant and deny access of certain features to your team, but also have the elective to hide them as well. There’s no need for an entry level service provider to even see business and management settings!
  • Security starting points- Meevo 2 makes security easy by creating recommended security settings to allow you to hit the ground running. These settings set a strong foundation for future adjustments made to the security hierarchy.
  • Global and local security levels- Security is critical to all businesses, especially when you have multiple locations to manage! Meevo 2’s Central Office allows you to manage all locations from one easy, high-level screen that allows you to go into as much detail or as broad overview as you want.
We’re always working to create a stronger and more secure software experience for our clients to elevate their business practices to the next level, and becoming HIPAA compliant is just one way we’re building a prosperous future. Don’t forget to share the news and connect with us on social media through Instagram and Facebook!

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