How to Make Halloween Spooktacular for Your Clients

October 19, 2018

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With Halloween right around the corner, what is your business doing to delight clients and indulge in the fun holiday? We’ve gathered some of the top ideas to trick or treat yo’ self to increased revenue and client retention as well as an enhanced client experience.

Halloween Ideas for Your Salon or Spa

There are several ways to celebrate Halloween. Here are a few easy things you can implement in the next few weeks to help drive sales:

Costume Inspiration

Your clients are using Pinterest for costume inspo, and you should too! Put together boards based on different looks (vampire, witch, unicorn, etc.) and share them via your social media and newsletter. Make sure your whole team is onboard so they can whip up the look, should a client book as a result of your board. Then, make sure you have the necessary retail items (lashes, face paint, lipstick, accessories) to help complete the costume so your business can be a one-stop-shop from inspiration to execution.

Here are some of the top costumes to be prepared for this year:

  1. Fortnite characters
  2. Unicorns
  3. Black Panther characters

Social Media Contests

Even if your clients can’t make it to your business during Halloween, you can still engage them on social media. Consider creating a social media contest such as best costume, etc. where a client can win a service. These types of contests help you celebrate the holiday virtually while securing a booked appointment at a later time.

Hair & Make-Up Station

The days leading up to Halloween, consider creating a special hair and makeup bar where clients can schedule appointments (or walk-in) specifically for their Halloween costume. Schedule a few employees to work at the station so you can maximize revenue and keep the workflow separate from your regular clients.

Meevo 2 allows you to set up an event, such as a “Halloween Makeup Party,” so clients can book online specifically for that time frame and service.

Candy Bar

What’s Halloween without a few extra cavities? Set up a fun candy bar where clients can grab a few sweet treats on their way in or out. You may even let them fill up some goodie bags to take home. Candy is a universal joy of Halloween and is sure to add a little something extra to a client’s experience.

Special Marketing Promotions

Limited time offers or specials are always a proven way to get clients to buy. Create a Halloween special that has a sense of urgency (only 10 available!, good for only this day, etc.) to help motivate clients to come in during the Halloween weekend.

Here’s some stats to prove the success of limited time promotions:

  • 50% of Millennials say limited time offers are very enticing and something that they are on the lookout for.
  • Promotional emails conveying a sense of urgency have up to 20% higher conversion rates.
  • Research shows limited time offers increase customer loyalty.

Endless Halloween Puns

Whether in your marketing materials, social media posts, or signage around your business, have fun with Halloween! What other time of year do you get to be completely silly? Here’s some good puns to use in your verbiage:

Creep it realIf you’ve got it, haunt itTrick or treat yo’ selfHey, boo-tiful!Boo, Felicia!#SquadGhouls
SpooktacularMe & my ghoulfriendsFangtasticLife is gourdUni-candy-cornUnBOOlieveable
BOO-tyliciousEat, drink & be scaryWitch better have my candyStraight outta coffinGimme all the boosBrewing up something special

2018 Salon and Spa Holiday Marketing Calendar

We know the end of the year can be hectic and marketing can become a last minute thought. That’s why we’ve mapped out the last three months of the year with dates to form marketing campaigns around, monthly action plans, and statistics you need to know to make your campaign as successful as possible.

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