3 Ways to Improve Your Spa’s Workplace Wellness

September 06, 2019

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Wellness is a huge buzzword in the spa and wellness industry recently, but it’s usually referring to just client care. Providing that same time, attention, and energy to your staff can help alleviate on-the-job injury, fatigue, stress, and promote improved self-care that translates into their services.


Injury Free Facility
Creating an injury-free and healthy work environment means educating your staff on their own wellness and best practices. According to The American Massage Therapy Association, the best approach to avoiding injury is to be as fit as possible because working in a spa is an extremely physical profession. A salon therapists’ body is the most important piece of equipment they own!


To encourage this fitness practice, you can offer a stipend for your employees to get gym memberships or even host your own in-house yoga class at your spa to bring your team together for a bonding and decompression event. Brainstorm some ideas with your team as to how you could create a better environment and set them up for success.


Stress Less
While the environment in your spa may be centered around healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation, your employees are still facing work-related stress and challenges. According to iSpa, one of the major contributors to work-related stress is the physically demanding nature of treatments that massage and bodywork can cause.


Be on the lookout for a stressed employee – agitation, lack of focus and disengagement are common. You can utilize goal settings to track employee progress in Meevo 2 so that you can recognize them for all of their hard. In fact, 69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated and validated.


Also, consider encouraging your employees to use the quiet room or meditation room during breaks and in between shifts to help stimulate rejuvenation for your hard-working staff members.


A Little TLC
Stress can be contagious! So it’s important for spa owners and managers to ensure their employees are receiving care themselves. Help keep their emotional health in check by implementing great self-care routines by providing them with journals, notes of encouragement, and a company culture that’s as peaceful as your spa looks to the rest of the world.


Developing an environment that’s not only welcoming to your guests, but also your staff creates room to make more genuine connections and deliver better services.


The backbone of all spa businesses is a happy and healthy staff, both physically and mentally! By prioritizing your employee’s needs and practicing these workplace wellness tips, you can reduce turnover, improve both employee and client satisfaction, and create the spa business of your dreams.

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