Integrated Payments and Meevo 2

Integrated Payments: A Solution to Further Enhance Your Business with Meevo 2

September 18, 2020

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Many salon and spa owners continue to search for solutions to improve their business operations and performance as our industry continues to adapt in 2020. One potential solution to explore is Integrating Payments with your salon and spa software.

But what exactly is Integrated Payments (IP), how can it help salons and spas adapt to the contactless world, and how can this solution further enhance your Meevo 2 experience? To find out the answers to these questions (and more), we sat down with our Integrated Payments team to get their expert insights.

Q1: What is Integrated Payments?

With an Integrated Payments solution, a business can accept credit cards and other digital forms of payment directly into the point of sale (POS) software, enabling your credit card terminal to speak directly to your POS software.

This feature eliminates double data entry and human error that can occur when utilizing an outside third-party POS terminal that doesn’t communicate with Meevo 2. Also, a business can gain many additional features and benefits otherwise not available when using an outside source of accepting payments.

Millennium built its Integrated Payments solution to accept cards and digital payments through several varying methods to provide every business a solution that fits their specific needs.

Q2: Why did Millennium Systems International create an Integrated Payments solution and establish a dedicated team?

Our Integrated Payments solution was designed with our clients’ needs in mind. Millennium recognized our clients needed flexibility and ease in how they accept payments. The way consumers are paying for goods and services is evolving daily, and we want our clients at the forefront of these technologies.

The Integrated Payments Team at Millennium is a group of internal MSI employees that work side by side with other departments such as Customer Success and Sales to ensure our clients receive an amazing experience. With payments being a complex and important part of the overall solution in Meevo 2, we wanted to build a team that understood the specific needs of salons and spas.

Our team truly loves the market and clients we serve, with many of our payments experts having worked in the salon and spa industry before joining MSI. Not only does this help us provide exceptional service, but it also lets our IP Team speak to our clients on a more personal level. They are able to use their past salon and spa experiences to better understand what clients are looking for and find the best possible solution based on the needs of each individual client.

It’s important to our company that when a client calls to speak with an Integrated Payment Specialist, they are speaking to an MSI employee who specializes in IP, has extensive knowledge of the salon and spa industry, and can truly deliver on our mission to support our clients.

Q3: What’s new and exciting with Integrated Payments that Meevo 2 customers should know about?

Right now, with the changing environments surrounding COVID-19, it’s all about creating a seamless and comfortable contactless experience. Just like the concerns surrounding spacing out client stations, the front desk is experiencing its own remodel right at the register.

To help our clients adjust, we recently released Meevo 2 Self-Pay, which is our latest feature that supports the advanced mobility of Meevo 2 and the contactless experience. This feature lets our clients select the Self-Pay option at checkout to quickly send a customer an email or text message with a link to view transaction details and securely process their payment – all on the customer’s personal mobile device.

Q4: Why is Integrated Payments so important, and what benefits do customers see when they choose this solution?

Contactless payment solutions have continued to change over the years as salon management technologies have grown more sophisticated, yet user-friendly. With Integrated Payments, contactless solutions become available to help businesses and their clients ensure secure payments with increased convenience while enhancing operational efficiencies.

Our solutions are designed to be flexible and easily handle any transaction volume, accept all forms of electronic payments, including NFC/contactless methods, such as mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, EMV, Tap and Go, as well as the traditional magnetic swipe.

Also, through integrating payments within Meevo 2, clients can enable a seamless experience with Online Booking. A business can prompt customers to store their payment information on file securely during Online Booking, allowing businesses to charge for no-shows or late cancellations.

You can also choose to collect service deposits and allow for prepay options during Online Booking when you integrate payments.

Additionally, Meevo 2’s mobility allows for a chairside checkout, meaning staff and customers do not have to visit the front desk to pay for services. Instead, customers can conveniently and securely checkout right from the chair when the business is using integrated payments, especially when Self-Pay is enabled!


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