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Five Star Ratings in Meevo: How Real-Time Reviews From Clients Elevate Your Business and Employee Morale

April 08, 2022

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For the second episode in this Meevo Video Series with John Harms, Founder and Chairman of Millennium Systems International, Bob Maconi, Owner of One83 Mane Studio and VP of Enterprise Sales at MSI, and Steven Swanson, Strategies Coach and Multi Salon Owner, gather again to touch base on Five Star Reviews in Meevo and how seeing these reviews in their Smart Centers keep their employees on track to achieving all their goals, as well as keeping up their morale!

John Harms: I’m clicking through some of Bob’s Smart Centers. We go back a little bit more to Bob’s. You see, in ratings this week, he’s got 11 out of 53. Let’s spend a little bit of time here. So, all of your KPIs—pre-booking, average ticket, estimated sales— I can’t imagine the amount of work people go through, that are savvy enough, to want to do these things without Meevo 2. Going through their appointment book column-by-column and adding up service dollars? [With Meevo,] this is just—boom—in your face. Same thing with ratings. I don’t want to wait and find out that somebody was unhappy until their next visit or when they don’t come back.

So, here we go: Bob’s had 53 ratings go out this week, and a lot of people have already filled it out. And again, as the week goes on, those will continue to go up. We can send them out as text messages and or emails, and you can choose how frequently a client will be asked [for their rating]

To get that feedback in the moment is so important. In this example, if I click the play button, we’ll see those eleven reviews, that they were all five stars, and I’m seeing all these great comments in the moment.

[Review example] “Perfect! Wendy is kind, personable, fabulous.” Wendy can see these reviews. And what’s cool is I can hide the client from Wendy, especially if it’s a two-star review and there was a bad experience. Wendy might see that she only got a two-star review, and it won’t say who it’s from, but management can see.

All these different things we’ve really thought through, and when you get positive reviews, in Meevo, we allow you to set up under Business Settings > Five Star Rating Settings. You have a lot of options here. You can create a URL that you can hang off your website. So, Bob hanging off his website has over 5,000 reviews, average 4.99 review. When they click on reviews, it’s literally pulling most of those reviews from Meevo right on his website.

There’s a lot of different things [to choose] about the frequency and how often you’re going to see it. And then we ask for your Google Review URL, your Facebook Recommendation URL, and your Yelp reviews URL, and if you get a great review—four- or five-star—it will ask and prompt the client to get that Google or Facebook review to improve the amount of reviews you have on social.

Meevo is really pulling all that stuff together, and later on in another section, we’re going to go over Online Presence Management and the importance of all this digital foot printing, including these reviews, so it’s very exciting.

Before we move on to the next topic, I’ll give you guys each a second just to really summarize the importance of these Smart Centers and how it has worked for the not only the front desk, but the service providers and yourself to be able to really understand your business without having to run 20 reports and get out a calculator.

Bob Maconi: For me, being that I work at MSI full-time, being able to just, on my phone, anywhere—I was just in Arizona—access my Smart Centers. There’s an owner portal and Owner Smart Center where I can see key metrics without having to pull up reports. All the information is in there. What I love about the Smart Centers as well is my Stylists get so excited, going back to the Five-Star Reviews. When they get those Five Star Reviews, they may be on break. They go on their phone and it says, “You just got a five-star review.” You hear them in the back chattering, “Wow, that’s amazing, Susan gave me a Five-Star Review!”

The fact that they have access to their data, we have powered them now with information that we could never do before. They now have the tools in their hand and help grow their micro-business and help us grow our business easily and effectively and fun.

Steven Swanson: And add onto that, huddles are the best place for us every morning. We start out with, “Hey, look at the Five-Star Reviews!” Back in the day, to get reviews, whether they’re on Google or wherever, an owner or management had to go man had to go, make sure they know what happened and what’s going on—there was a lot of lagging like, “Oh hey, by the way, you got a review! Good job!” This way here [with Meevo], you’re seeing it in real time because these reviews are in real time.

So as they come across, as the customer fills it out, it’s coming in real time, so the information that you’re able to share with your team is excellent!

John Harms: Now one of the things that I’ve got to show quickly is when you go to management. And again, you can create a Smart Center link for this, but you could go in and click Ratings Control Panel. Maybe what I want to know is for any given person say, I want a summary mode of within the last year, anybody that had given us a really low rating, right? How many two-star reviews did we actually get? Oh, look at this guy—None.

Bob Maconi: We don’t mess around! [Laughter]

Steven Swanson: It’s either a five or a one. [Laughter]

Bob Maconi: I’ll be honest, there are a couple of three-star or four-stars in there. Let’s be honest, there’s a couple of pretty stars or four stars.

John Harms: Oh, no, not in the last year.

Bob Maconi: I think there’s a three-star in there.

John Harms: It says this year, maybe it’s from last year. Anyway, this is where you would go and really drill down and even find out the bad news and be able to kind of coach people on that.

So, before we wrap up on this section. Steven, just really, you know how you use the Smart Centers and the data here in the smart tiles to really run your business on a daily and weekly basis?

And at the end of the day, the data itself is just a number, and it’s a number that is a reflection of behavior that either happened or didn’t happen. And it allows us to monitor through the numbers of what behavior needs to change. So that’s it. Iif I’m looking at it—again, we’ll use rebook because it’s right here—If I look at the rebook number and it’s not at the at the at the benchmark that we’re looking for, it’s a great tool for you to have the conversation.

Again, what makes us successful? And Bob, you know what you need to say about this, but you know what makes a successful appointment is that a person leaves with the next appointment and home care. So if they if that’s all they concentrated on—because you know that they’re not going to book their next appointment unless the service itself was stellar—if the service wasn’t stellar, then they wouldn’t be rebooking. So if they’re rebooking, I don’t have to have the conversation that the that the service wasn’t, you know, stellar that day. You know what I mean?

So they’re rebooking and buying products. If they had a bad service, they wouldn’t be doing either of those things, right? So by allowing us to take a look at this, we see what behavior needs to be improved and talked about? That’s what I look at. Sales will come when we do the work.

John Harms: Yeah, I love it. It’s just to me, it’s data at your fingertips in a beautiful way.

Steven Swanson: It’s simple!

John Harms: That’s right! The stylist doesn’t have to go dig through reports they don’t want to dig through. You’re saying right here, “Here’s your world. Here’s twelve little things to keep an eye on.” Really, a lot of times it’s maybe six or seven different functional things that they can do. I love it.

Steven Swanson: I think I think, you said it earlier. It’s not an app. This isn’t an app that has some things in it. This is the full 100% program that you’re able to have on your phone, your tablet, your computer, anywhere you want. Anywhere where you can log in, you have access. Even if you never brought a computer with you and you need to go check your business, you get on, you get your URL, and you look and see where you’re at. You don’t. The days of having the server and the computer [are over]. But what I do need is solid internet connection to access to my portal and I’m ready to go.

Bob Maconi: I think the sky’s the limit with the Smart Centers. There’s probably over 130 combinations of Smart Tiles that you have to choose from. It’s not a dozen or two dozen. I tried counting and it was like 130 combinations. Each Smart Tile breaks into multiple Smart Tiles. It’s amazing once you start playing around.

Steven Swanson: And not to mention, you can brand it. So whatever color you can imagine, you can easily put the colors in there to make it look like your own. Also you have the opportunity to put a photo in here. We’re going to get into goal setting later, but let’s say that you had a piece of paper or you had something written out and you took a picture of that and put it in here. Whatever note, maybe you wanted to do a handwritten note to everybody, like a sticky note saying “Hey, love you guys!” Now that would be sitting right in the middle, a handwritten note right from Steve, like “Great job this week!”

John Harms: We’re going to get into goals! I actually saw on our Community Site—which you know I’m very active on—They actually they create an image every month of what the goals are. Even an image can be a URL. So in Bob’s case, if I click this image, it actually brings up all the icons in the appointment book. So in case the front desk or service provider forgets what an icon is, it actually just brings up the online help that shows every icon and definition.

Steven Swanson: You can go right to a Google Sheet, too.

Bob Maconi: Yeah! You can launch educational forums and webinars right from these Smart Tiles

Steven Swanson: For instance, let’s say that there was an online class that you wanted a massage therapist or esthetician or stylist to take, you could put it right in a photo and a description of what that is. It’s clickable—click right in it and now you don’t have to send an email or anything. They know that that’s right at their fingertips.

Bob Maconi: Each service provider can have their own unique Smart Center, so you can actually speak to each service provider privately if you wanted to.

Steven Swanson: You could. Yes, absolutely.

John Harms: So, what we really talked about is what we call Smart Centers, and the ability for you to create as many as you want—the exact tiles you want, these titles can be different sizes, they can have images—and that’s so important because who wants a white backdrop or a logo? Let’s let’s give you data that matters, and that’s what Meevo is about.

We talked about our Five-Star Reviews. Let’s give you instant gratification and knowledge in how well you’re servicing your clients. And again, you can tweak how often that client gets that five-star review.

We’re going to cover a lot of great things over these videos. One of the next ones is going to be on Goals and Sales Ranking, so excited to dive into that. So that’s our Smart Centers and our Five Star-Reviews in Meevo, Let’s go on next to Goals and the Sales Rankings!


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