Meevo Goals Dashboard with Mindy Montello | Synergy Salon

September 22, 2023

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Mindy Montello, President of Synergy Salon, is here to tell you all about her favorite Meevo feature and how it impacts her successful salon business!

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What’s up, Meevo tribe! It’s your ambassador, Mindy, coming to you live from Synergy Salon! We had a little bit of break in the action today, and I was given a topic to discuss, so I want to share with you what my favorite Meevo feature is and why! And how am I supposed to pick just one Meevo feature?! There are SO MANY tools that help us run our business more efficiently and more effectively.


First, I want to give a little shout out to my assistant business partner. She’s holding the camera today so say hi to Sherri! Her personal favorite Meevo feature is all about the reports. But that’s her brain. and her brain works in a certain way, just like my brain works in a certain way. So things speak to me a little bit different and that’s part of the benefit of Meevo—no matter what type of brain you have or how you process information, neither speaks to you in a different way.

Sherri likes all the numbers and running reports, and that’s great. That’s her! I, on the other hand, need things that are a little bit more visual and I think that hairdressers, especially ones that are just starting out, sometimes respond a little bit quicker to visuals versus managers handing you report and saying, “here’s her numbers”. Sherri doesn’t do that. Not by any stretch, because we use both parts of our brain here and we incorporated it into Meevo within all of our personalized Smart Centers.


I want to give you a glimpse of my favorite solution, which of course, is the Goals dashboard. I’m going to show you my screen how these reports can come together in our Goals dashboard. But really quick, I want to do a little calculation that I’m going to tie into this. So everybody’s like, “oh, I want to make like six figures in the salon industry”, but let’s be real for a minute. We all know how hard that is.

Our numbers are super important to us because if we want to get to that point where we’re making $100,000 a year, we have to understand them at the bare minimum. I hope you guys reach for the sky more than that though. If we work 365 days out of the year, we would have to bring in $273.97 every day. Now we’ve got a base to work from, but I don’t know of any salon that’s open 365 days a year because we have holidays, days off, vacations, and this and that. So the equation kind of gets skewed a bit.


Meevo does all of this work for you, so the very first thing I want to show you is our employee goals screen. At any given moment on our dashboard, our stylists and staff can click and look at the numbers to see where they are. I’m showing you today’s live action because I’m all about being real and transparent. It’s been a little bit of a slower week in the salon. This has been the first week of nice weather here in Ohio so things have gotten kind of slow and I’m okay with that.


My book is packed for next week, but I can take a look at different things on my dashboard and see, oh, this week is where I’m at. When I look at last week, I can see what my average service ticket was and where my goals were set. The goal-setting can be a little tricky at first but let me tell you, this is the importance of where your numbers are.

If you don’t have goals, then the numbers don’t really mean very much. Having goals and a dashboard that shows our service sales, retail sales, and average ticket is very meaningful, especially for new stylists.


Look at our productivity and rebooking rates—these are all the key performance indicators (KPIs) that we hone in on to tell us where we need to work harder or where we need to go. This goals dashboard gives more meaning to all of those numbers and that’s why it’s my most important and favorite Meevo feature. I make sure that my employees have access to this data so they can look at it in their downtime.

I also have their stats screen set up to display this useful data. I might need to bring in $50 per service ticket and $25 per retail ticket, so $75 overall but that might be a little bit different than yours. Every day, my staff can go through and see how much I’m doing today, where I’m at for the week, where I’m at for the month, and where I’m at for the quarter.


It allows them to monitor daily how they’re reaching their goals. That way, in an instance at the end of the month, they aren’t getting a report or a feedback session from us and going, “Oh, well, I didn’t know that I was that slow” when we talk about working on KPIs, goals, and how important those are to the business. If you truly want to make six figures in this business, this is where you’re going to start. Set some goals, know where you want to be, know every day how you’re going to reach those goals, and monitor them constantly.


I always tell hairdressers or students starting out—if these aren’t the things that you’re obsessing about and you love doing this, but maybe don’t want all the success that comes with it. You have to love it, eat it, breathe it, walk it, talk it. That’s what my favorite thing about Meevo. It’s hard for me to put it all into a nutshell because there are so many features that I love within Meevo and I probably went way beyond one! But you can’t grow what you don’t know.


At the end of the day, analyzing reports and understanding where you are is the important part, so just make it simple. Start off with a goal and sure enough, you’ll reach that one and can start setting more. That’s why Meevo’s Goals Dashboard is my favorite feature. Thanks so much for listening guys, have a great day! My next clients are coming in so I’ll see you soon!



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