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Meevo Smart Centers: Real-Time KPIs & Goal Tracking

March 25, 2022

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Meevo Feature Spotlight Series – Episode 1: Smart Centers

In the beauty industry, every employee in a salon or spa has a unique way of working and operating throughout their day, specific to their role. In order to ensure their tasks are being checked off their to-do list to reach their goals, each person may have different numbers and KPIs they need to focus on daily. What if there was a way to see every important number, all in one place? Meevo Smart Centers make this possible, and a salon owner and coach are here to prove their positive utilization!

John Harms, Founder and Chairman of Millennium Systems International, joined Bob Maconi, Owner of One83 Mane Studio and VP of Enterprise Sales at MSI, and Steven Swanson, Strategies Coach and Multi Salon Owner, to talk about their usage of Meevo and how Smart Centers help excel their salon businesses.

What Are Smart Centers?

Meevo Smart Centers are completely customizable, role-based hubs that provide owners, managers, and employees with real-time views into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), metrics, goal performance, and much more.

Smart Centers simply and clearly showcase the specific KPIs each employee wants to track, based on their role, along with Meevo shortcuts and even links to outside websites and tools. This is done through Smart Center tiles, which can be added or removed from any hub you create. The data is updated in real-time, so the information is always accurate. Business leaders can use these metrics to make informed business decisions and view them instantly on any device.

Be sure to watch the video above to see how Bob and Steve arrange their tiles and which ones they include for each role in their business.

Smart Centers: One Screen, Your Way

In the video above, Bob speaks on the thought process he went through to create his business’ customized Smart Center and why he chooses to track each metric included in his Smart Centers. New clients, monitoring sales today and estimated sales tomorrow, and reviews are a few that he talks about.

“I wanted my stylists to have access to their goals in the salon, but more importantly when they’re home,” Bob explains.

Steven also reveals that Strategies has partnered with MSI to create a custom Partner Smart Center for their coaching clients, including KPIs like pre-books, the MR80 report, and productivity. When talking about how he works with front desk staff, Steven says, “When we think about our Guest Service team and the value that they can bring to the business, having everything at their fingertips allows us to fill time to get to our goals.”

Anything that you can access in Meevo is able to be created into a shortcut in a Smart Center! Meevo clients can view all available Partner Smart Centers by visiting the MeevoXchange® Marketplace or contacting our Sales team.

Watch this trio’s full conversation to find out more about how this incredibly valuable feature in Meevo keeps data at their fingertips and how these two talented and successful owners utilize Smart Centers in ways unique to their different businesses to thrive on a daily basis.

Stay tuned because this is just Part 1 of a much longer, very educational, and helpful series. Get ready for more of John, Bob, and Steven’s upcoming chats! What Meevo tools do you think they will touch on next?

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