Meevo 2 Winter Release

What’s New in Meevo 2? The Updates and Additions to our Salon and Spa Software with our Winter 2022 Release

January 07, 2022

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Every Meevo 2 release comes jammed-packed with tons of new features and enhancements to improve our salon and spa software and provide even greater value to our clients.

To find out some more details about our Winter 2022 Release, we spoke to Andrew Clarke, MSI’s VP of Product Development, who shared some of his favorite additions along with a sneak-peak into our 2022 product roadmap!

Q1) What are some of your favorite new features we’ve added to Meevo 2 with our Winter 2022 Release?

As with each release, there are so many improvements throughout Meevo 2 it’s tough to single out a few of them, but I think these are the most notable:

  • Enhancements to Online Booking where we’ve given this feature a face-lift in some areas and added in a few brand-new options that provide even more configurability.
  • The ability to check out a past appointment was one of the highest voted ideas in our Ideas Portal. This allows businesses to insert a transaction in the past or check out a previously booked appointment, enabling users to track the sales within the drawer on the date inserted. It also contains an enhancement to allow the editing of transactions up to 32 days in the past.
  • Bulk Gift Card Wizard gives clients the ability to ring up large quantities of Gift Cards when necessary.
  • The ability to include products in packages was a feature that our Millennium software had, and we’ve now added it to Meevo 2. This feature is especially helpful for Spa or MedSpa packages, where products are included for post-care maintenance or treatment.
  • AQ255 – Docs & Forms Due report was added so that businesses using the Docs and Forms add-on could get a list of client appointments that still require completed forms.

Q2) What does the product roadmap look like for early 2022?

There are some features that won’t be completed in time for the initial release, but they are planned to become available within the service packs that follow:

  • Payment Plans that will allow salon and spa guests to make monthly installment payments for high-priced packages or services.
  • ADP Workforce Now Integration will be available to complement the existing ADP RUN payroll integration. The Workforce Now payroll integration is typically used by businesses with greater than 50 employees.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Integration has been in Beta with many businesses over the last 6 months and will finally be available within the MeevoXchange.
  • Meevo B.I. App is a new app for employees, managers, and owners that provides easy mobile access to key performance indicators (KPIs). The app lets you view data comparisons by various date ranges and lets you compare performance by employee and location!

Q3) How can our clients help shape the future of Meevo 2 product updates?

We continuously monitor our clients’ needs as they adapt to the changing market so we can provide new features and improve existing functionality to help them thrive. We evaluate and include many of the ideas that our users have submitted in our Ideas Portal with each release. Submitting ideas, voting, and commenting on existing ideas help shape the priorities of our roadmap and the design of our features.

The Ideas Portal can be accessed by going to Meevo > Help > Community Site.

We appreciate everyone who has taken the time out of their day to help make Meevo 2 better with each release!

Q4) Can you share a sneak preview of what might be coming to Meevo 2 in 2022?

We have mapped out an excellent product roadmap for 2022 and cannot wait to implement some of the new features and functionality, including the following and so much more:

  • Adding Sales Ranking to Central Office so that multi-location businesses can compare and rank sales across locations to complement existing Central Office reports.
  • Meevo Apps – We hope to launch several apps next year, including a client app and a service provider app.
  • Brand New MeevoXchange that will help showcase our integrated partners and Meevo 2 add-ons better, along with giving clients the capability to upgrade or downgrade their salon scheduling software subscription options.
  • Analytical Dashboards – This add-on to Meevo 2 will complement the Meevo Business Intelligence app and provide a deeper dive into a client’s data showing business trends, comparisons to other businesses similar in size, and more!
  • Public API – We’ve been working hard to create a public API that will allow businesses to hire a developer and create their own integrations to Meevo 2 or retrieve data to create their own reports.

Thank you for being a part of the Millennium family, and we look forward to always providing you with the necessary tools to help grow your business. Don’t forget to view the full Release Notes by clicking on the “?” button in Meevo and selecting Walk-Through Help.

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