New Features & Enhancements in the Meevo Spring 2022 Release

May 26, 2022

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The Meevo Spring Release is here! We are so excited for this release as there are many highly anticipated features and updates. We design each release with the goal of streamlining your business operations and supporting your client experience.

To find out some more details about our Spring 2022 Release, Andrew Clarke, MSI’s VP of Product Development for Meevo salon and spa software shares his favorite additions as well as a glimpse into what’s to come in future software releases!

Q1) What are some of your favorite new features added to Meevo with this release?

This release includes some highly-anticipated updates, so it’s hard to choose. Here are my favorites from this release:

  • Report Intelli-search — We’ve improved all of our report descriptions and added a new report search field where you can search for a specific report by a keyword.
  • Product Definition — Enhancements to the definition screen were added such as the ability to edit stock level fields, a ‘print barcode label’ button and an ability to edit a variant name that was previously entered.
  • Enhancements to Inventory Handling Features — Newly added capabilities such as the addition of employee supply usage reasons, mobile inventory counting improvements and an ability to create purchase orders for specific manufacturers and product categories.
  • eGift — Clients now have the ability to check their gift card balance. We’ve also improved some elements such as labeling to enhance the user experience.

Q2) What’s on the product roadmap for the summer of 2022?

Keep an eye out for the following additions that will be available later this summer in service packs that follow this release:
  • Payment Plans will allow a business to offer their clients a way to make monthly installment payments for their more expensive packages or services.
  • ADP Workforce Now Integration is a payroll integration designed to help salons and spas with large teams; typically 50 employees or more.
  • Wisely Pay by ADP is an integration that will automatically add tips earned on a daily basis to a secure pay card given to the employee that can be used to shop, pay bills, get cash, and direct deposit their paycheck as well. No more need to pay out tips at the end of the night!
  • Meevo B.I. App is a Business Intelligence application designed for managers and owners which provides quick access to key performance indicators and compares stats to previous date ranges, employees, and locations!

Q3) What updates are on the roadmap for the remainder of 2022?

There are some exciting developments on our product roadmap to close out the year. Here are a few highlights of what’s planned:

  • Ability to sell packages online – Businesses that offer eGift will be able to sell packages online as well.
  • Product Line Updater – This will allow businesses to easily insert lines of product into Meevo, update suggested pricing, and mark product discounts. Over 100 different manufacturer lines will be available to choose from!
  • MeevoXChange – Account management is getting easier with new MeevoXchange updates that allow you to upgrade your account plans such as Meevo subscription, text message allowance, and Emma contacts.
  • New Schedule Manager – Get ready for a new aesthetic paired with new 2-week views and filters to show schedules by work activity.
  • MeGO app – This is an app for your clients to easily message your business, book online, purchase eGift cards, view your service menu, view employee bios and so much more!
We appreciate you being a part of the Millennium Community. We can’t wait to hear how the tools in this release help your business.


Make sure to view the full Release Notes by clicking on the “?” button in Meevo and selecting Walk-Through Help.

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