Online Search Trends for Salons and Spas

What Do Online Search Trends Mean for Your Salon or Spa?

August 16, 2021

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Our focus has been and always will be to provide everything you need to successfully grow your salon or spa – anytime, anywhere, and all in one place. We’ve invested in delivering new products for you that are aimed at helping your business grow by attracting new clients and driving impactful experiences everywhere your clients are online to increase engagement and improve your business’s discoverability.

In this 4 part series, we’ll share how 2020 accelerated trends in Online Search, why this is so important to business success, and how you can effectively and efficiently manage your salon or spa online with the Meevo Marketing suite and our Online Presence Management platform.

Part I – Understanding the Changes in Search from Keywords to Questions

The events of the last year have had many impacts on businesses and their customers across almost every industry. And while certain aspects of business management have shifted or were significantly altered, many digital marketing trends did not fundamentally change, which dictates your salon and spa marketing strategies.

Instead, the impact of the pandemic took what was already happening with consumer behavior and put it into hyperdrive, especially when it comes to online search.

The way consumers search online has forever changed. We no longer search with just a single keyword – we ask questions, and with those questions, we expect instant answers.

How Consumers Search Has Changed

With the changes in how your clients search for answers online, the amount of information and data that can be published about your salon or spa has also drastically changed.

Because consumers have become accustomed to simply asking Google for what they are looking for, coupled with the increase in business facts now available online, your clients are far more likely to discover your salon or spa first through an online search!

Did you know? 73% of high-intent traffic is going to your local online listings first.

Now that you know potential and current customers are choosing which salons and spas to visit based on questions they are asking through online search, it’s crucial to understand how search works and how a search engine, like Google, decides which business results to display first.

There are three main factors that impact local businesses in search: Distance, Relevance, and Prominence.

Distance takes into account how far search results are from the location term used in a search. Relevance means how well a local business profile matches a search query from a consumer. Prominence essentially means how well-known a business is online.

Let’s take a look at examples of these search factors:

Local Ranking Factors

Distance Example:

Distance Example

Prominence Example:

Prominence Example

Relevance Example:

Relevance Example

To maximize discoverability and attract new customers in search, businesses need to have rich, up-to-date, and consistent information everywhere they are listed online. Managing this task may seem like an extremely daunting, time-consuming task.

But Meevo 2’s Online Presence Management platform lets you easily manage all the online facts about your business and ensure accurate results on business listings sites. Plus, you can also see and respond to customer reviews, view powerful Online Presence Analytics to understand how your clients interact with your brand, and even post updates to you Facebook Location Pages and Google My Business profile!

In Part II of this series, we’ll dive more into how our Online Presence Management solution helps attract new customers and reshape your salon marketing for your salon or spa. Stay tuned!


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