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New Meevo Enhancements (& Must-Know Hidden Gems!)

October 01, 2023

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The leaves are changing colors, the temps are dropping, and Meevo’s bringing you some exciting new enhancements with our latest release! Learn all about the latest and greatest updates in our Q&A interview with Andrew Clarke, VP of Product Development!

Q1. What is your favorite enhancement in this release?


My favorite enhancements in this release are two new notifications available to businesses. We’ve added a ‘Product Purchase Reminder’ notification to alert clients when they may be running low on a specific item to encourage repurchasing if needed. The other new notification is a ‘Referral Thank You’ that will allow businesses to quickly and easily thank their clients for referring someone to their business recently.

Q2. How will clients benefit from this feature?


Both notifications help businesses continue to nurture a bond with their clients encouraging repeat visits and increased sales. The ‘Product Purchase Reminder’ notification can be customized and linked to their eCommerce store whether they are using Shopify or another platform. and the ‘Referral Thank You’ notification can inform clients of additional points they earned by referring a client or offering them a discount on a future visit.


Q3. What ‘hidden gem’ should all Meevo users know about?


There are a few gems in this release so I would encourage users to thoroughly read through our release notes for the full scoop. I think the standout hidden gem in this release has to do with measuring front desk productivity.

Businesses looking to analyze their front desk productivity can now do so within the Data Export feature found under the management menu. In a previous release, we added the ability to view front desk productivity based on appointment book activity. Now, with this release, we’ve given users the ability to view front desk productivity based on activity within the register.


We’ve also added two new incredible integrations to Meevo that are now available within the MeevoXChange:

  1. Tippy – This enables our clients to use a single tip kiosk that integrates with Meevo transactions and provides a more seamless guest checkout experience. Tippy gives employees free, real-time tip access, saving businesses the credit card processing fees.
  2. TrueLark – This is an AI-led customer experience platform that enables your business to attract, support, and upsell on multiple channels 24/7. Follows up on missed calls and incoming leads immediately.


Thank you to our Meevo community for all of the feedback and requests that you take the time to provide. We greatly appreciate it and can’t wait to hear how the updates in this release help your beauty business! Be sure to visit our Ideas Portal to stay informed on the status of ideas we’ve received and communicate directly with our Product Development team.


Want to learn more about the latest updates? View the full Release Notes within the Meevo Help menu.


Have you heard about our new Meevo referral program?

In case you missed it, we’ve revamped our referral program and upped the rewards just for YOU!

1. Submit as many referrals as you’d like.

2. You’ll receive $45 for every new Meevo demo completed.

3. You’ll ALSO receive $100 for every referral that goes live with Meevo.

The sky’s the limit!



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