Client Referral Program

Earn up to $145 Cash for Every Referral!

Refer & Get Rewarded

Is a salon or spa you know a perfect fit for Meevo? Refer them today and you will be rewarded.

For each qualified referral you submit that demos Meevo, you will receive $45.

When the business you referred goes live with Meevo, you will receive $100.

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Terms and Conditions

  • New referred client must sign up/purchase subscription within 90 days of referral submission.
  • Referral compensation for new Meevo customers is payable after the business goes live with Meevo (within 90 days of go live).
  • Program excludes MSA customer account referrals for locations included in MSA.
  • Program excludes referrals for additional locations belonging to an existing client.
  • Qualified referrals must have had no prior connection with MSI for 90 days before referral.
  • Current MSI clients cannot be referred.
  • Former clients referred must have terminated more than 90 days prior to referral.
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How It Works

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1. Complete Our Referral Form

Fill out the short form below about yourself and your friend.


2. We Contact Your Referral

We’ll connect with your friend and schedule a Meevo demo.

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3. You Get Paid!

Receive $45 per demo and $100 per new Meevo business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many referrals may I submit?


You may submit as many referrals as you’d like!

Do I have to be a Meevo client to refer a potential new customer?


To be eligible to receive compensation for referring a potential new customer, you must be a current client who has been with Millennium Systems International for at least 5 months.

When will I receive payment?


You will receive $45 within 30 days of a completed Meevo demo and $100 within 90 days after the customer you referred goes live with Meevo.

Start Earning Rewards

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