Salon and Spa Software Creates a Consistent Client Experience

How Salon and Spa Software Helps Create a Consistent Client Experience

June 29, 2022

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Building a consistent client experience can be a challenge for salons and spas, especially for multi-location businesses that must provide a similar brand and experience across all locations.

But salon and spa software, like Meevo, can help you create and maintain a consistent brand experience for your clients no matter which location they visit.

By using these 5 features to their fullest potential, your multi-location salon or spa can add consistency to your guest experience that helps improve client retention and drive future bookings!


Email Marketing

No matter the industry or business size, email marketing remains a critical resource for business growth and client retention. It can also be a driving force in instilling a consistent brand identity for multi-location salons and spas.

By adding your company logo, colors, photos, and writing style to all your email communications, clients receive a consistent experience with your business, no matter which location they frequent for a massage or hair coloring appointment.

Choosing software that includes a built-in email marketing solution not only makes creating a consistent client experience easier, but it also enables seamless syncing to other aspects of your software – allowing for enhanced customer segmentation to create truly personalized emails that improve engagement rates and result in more booked appointments!


Online Booking

For many first-time clients, their first or second experience with your brand is your Online Booking platform. Providing guests a clear, consistent booking experience no matter which location they choose is critically important to get them to complete the booking process.

This means adding your company logo and branding throughout the platform and ensuring it remains consistent during the entire booking process for each of your locations.

But new guests aren’t the only reason why customizing Online Booking is so important. Repeat clients may choose a different location from time to time for various reasons, and they have expectations for their booking experience.

Replicating this across all locations will ensure your repeat guests receive the same experience they are accustomed to no matter which location they choose, making it less likely that they navigate away without booking their next service!


Digital Gift Cards

Gift cards are a popular revenue stream for many salons and spas, especially around major holidays. But gift cards with different company branding from one location to another can confuse clients when determining where they can redeem their cards.

One way to make gift card branding simple is through salon and spa software that offers their own digital gift card platform, such as Meevo’s eGift. With eGift, business owners can add their business logo and branding to gift card offerings while still allowing their clients to customize gift cards to fit any holiday or special occasion.

With gift card sales growing each year, don’t underestimate the role eGift cards can play in providing a consistent client experience to your guests.


Online Presence and Reputation Management

Are your business listings displaying accurate addresses, hours, phone numbers, and websites for all your locations? Are all your locations showing up on Google Maps and other search engines? Can you quickly manage and respond to customer reviews?

Answering these questions is made significantly easier if your salon and spa software includes a powerful Online Presence Management solution. Taking control of your online reputation allows you to ensure a consistent client experience and brand whenever and wherever potential guests search for your business – improving your visibility and discoverability that will translate into more booked appointments!


Membership Redemption

Membership packages can be a significant revenue generator for both single and multi-location businesses. But for multi-locations, they can cause issues if they cannot be used at all locations.

Some salon and spa software, like Meevo, eliminates this potential problem by allowing your clients to redeem their membership at any location they choose.

Whether your client is visiting their regular location down the street from their house or visiting a different location while out of town on a trip, they’ll be able to use their accrued membership services – providing a consistent client experience that is far more likely to result in additional package purchases and future appointment bookings!


Let Meevo Help You Build a Winning, Consistent Client Experience

Meevo was built specifically with multi-location salons and spas in mind and offers many advanced solutions, like our Meevo Spa Marketing suite and Central Office, designed to help businesses like yours build, manage, and promote a consistent brand across each and every location.

Explore Meevo today to see how it can help your multi-location business thrive well into the future!

Make your day-to-day easier with Meevo. Learn more.

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