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Salon and Spa Industry Experts Share their Secrets of Success

August 11, 2022

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John Harms and Neil Ducoff Share Their Leadership Experiences and Stories

Millennium Systems International and Strategies help salons thrive. From business salon management software to leadership coaching, these two companies have provided owners with everything they need to succeed. Both companies are well-known innovators and industry leaders today, but how did they get to where they are now?

John Harms, Founder and CEO of MSI, and Neil Ducoff, Founder of Strategies, recently gathered live on Facebook to dive into their experiences as leaders, what they’ve learned over the years, and how their businesses continue to succeed today.

No business has the perfect path, and hearing that it hasn’t been a smooth ride the whole way are lessons other leaders can take away for their own business. Each business’ path is different but also more similar than we think, and providing transparency can help alleviate any stress a business owner may have when they reach a business hiccup.

Secrets of Success

As the two leaders navigate through their conversation, they share their secrets of success that anyone can take with them in their own business, no matter what industry. From MSI’s beginning in 1987 and Strategies’ start in 1993, John and Neil have gained so much experience along the way that they continuously share with the community.

Baby Steps are Big Steps in Business

The experts speak on what their visions were at the very beginning and how those visions jump-started their careers and influenced consistent hard work along the way. The baby steps taken throughout the years seemed minor at the time but looking back were the exact reasons MSI and Strategies are where they are today.

Keep Customers at the Forefront

Keeping your clients in mind when creating business decisions is crucial in growing as a company. When clients see that you genuinely care, they commit to not only your product or service such as salon software but to you as a company. Creating a sense of community through your business’ transparency is key to client retention, as seen in the years of MSI’s and Strategies’ success.

There is so much more to learn from the two in this Facebook Live conversation, like the importance of teamwork and structure in the salon or spa. Business leaders will be sure to come away from this conversation with motivation and inspiration to help their business thrive as they plan for 2022!

When John Harms and Neil Ducoff speak on their successes as well as some hiccups along the way, they prove that we’re all on different but similar paths, and small curveballs are no reason to quit! Stay tuned for more chats with Strategies guests coming soon.

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