How to Get Your Staff to Sell More Retail without Having to Sell

June 27, 2019  /  By Jason Everett

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Does your staff hate to sell retail?
Today, I’m going to show you how you can get them to stop selling and start serving.
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I can’t tell you the amount of chairs that I have sat in as a customer where the stylist went into detail about a retail product. But when it came to the end of the service, I just walked out empty-handed.
Was it because I didn’t want to buy something or was it because they never offered?
I think the problem is that the stylist is worried about coming off as a salesperson. The definition that most people think of as a salesperson is:
          A salesperson forces something on someone that they don’t want and or need.
But what if we flip the model?
 Instead of selling, we can make it about serving. 
When you serve someone, you bring something to someone that they actually want. And that’s really your job as a stylist inside the salon: to make sure that you’re serving your guest to the best of your ability.
When you…
– Don’t offer retail
– Don’t show them how to style it at home
– Don’t let them leave with retail products
you’re actually not serving your guest at your fullest capacity.
I think the question at the end of the service is critical.
You can just ask a salesy question like,
“Are you going to take this home?”
But I’d rather you ask a question like,
“Which would you prefer, the four ounce or the eight ounce?”
“Of the products that we talked about today, what do you think is going to be the best for you to use when you go home today?”
I’ve compiled an entire list of these questions called:
“Concluding Questions”
These are really excellent questions for you to ask your guests before they leave your chair. You want to make sure they leave with good products.
If you want to get the full list to help you make sure they leave with retail, click the link below.
CLICK HERE to download the PDF and get access to those questions. Download that list, share it with everybody on your staff, and make sure that your guests are being served to the greatest of your capacity!
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Until then, have an awesome week! 
Jason Everett

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