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Setting Goals: Where to Start?

January 27, 2017

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Goals are an important part of growth.  They should be measurable, attainable, and celebrate-able. Who doesn’t love a good party? Goals are the stepping stones to the larger picture, a.k.a your dream, and why you hustle so hard every day. They are also a great way to motivate your team, empower your team, and create momentum towards a common purpose. Goals put your team on the same page. So, how do we set attainable goals? How do we measure them? And how do we make sure we reach them? Here’s where to start when setting goals:

Data is Your Friend

Setting goals and planning for growth should be based on solid data. Your data. Through all of the robust reporting features, Millennium has the capability to review the summary of all aspects of your business, including sales, inventory, marketing efforts, and employee performance. This data is important for analyzing the current state of your business, but it’s important to also look at your business through the lens of the 6 growth indicators, not revenue. Goals surrounding growth indicators are the secret to success, and how, as a business owner, you can set a solid foundation to grow and evolve.

Goals and Growth Indicators

Using your software to help you achieve your goals should be second nature. Millennium’s most powerful reporting feature, the MA200 report, can give you detailed insight on all-inclusive key growth indicators (New Clients, New Client Retention, Repeat Client Retention, Average Ticket, Frequency of Visit, and Productivity). Your salon or spa software should have a real-time monitoring station. Millennium has such a feature, which details your numbers for rebooking, average ticket, FOV, and other metrics. It also gives your service providers insight into how they’re doing with their goals and sales.

Need a great way to keep your employees motivated and on track with their goals? Download our weekly goal tracker to help guide you and your team towards reaching their goals using this weekly progress report based on the important growth indicators.

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