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Slope Wellness Shares How Meevo Memberships Have Impacted Their Successful Acupuncture & Wellness Center

October 19, 2023

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Jeffrey Weidmann, Director and Founder of Slope Wellness, is here to share how Meevo has helped his acupuncture and wellness center in Brooklyn, NY increase repeat clientele and keep clients visiting frequently. Read his blog below to find out which solutions have been particularly impactful to his successful business!


Meevo memberships are a really great way to build customer loyalty of both existing and new clients, while also boosting sales and cash flow. As the founder and director of Slope Wellness, a Wellness Center in Brooklyn, NY, offering acupuncture, massage/bodywork, and skin care treatments. We have been using Meevo (formerly Millennium) from the first day we opened our doors for business 10 years ago. We started offering the memberships feature in Meevo about 1 year after we opened, which has been one of the best decisions we ever made and we haven’t looked back since.

What do you like best about the Meevo memberships feature?

Flexibility. Memberships can be setup at different price points and include different services (packages) and/or discounts on services/products. You can also setup memberships as a recurring monthly billed (EFT) plan with the duration of your choosing or it can be setup as a paid in full membership with auto-renew options.

How have memberships improved your business?

When we were first starting out (in our 2nd year of business), the introduction of memberships helped to build repeat clientele. We offer different levels of memberships, with paid in full memberships coming with the biggest discount on services. Those paid in full memberships really helped our cash flow in the early days of our business, and the recurring monthly memberships help to keep clients committed to regular treatments. Repeat clients that love your business will bring you more clients. There’s nothing better than word of mouth referrals.


What do your clients think of memberships?

They love memberships! We offer a discount on services as part of our memberships, which is really enticing. Everybody loves to save money on their purchases! Once they try our services and have a great overall experience in our space and with their practitioner, it’s a no-brainer if they want to continue to receive the benefits of self-care and regular treatments.


What does your staff have to say about memberships?

They love it too! For all the reasons stated above, it’s a really easy sell for the front desk. They don’t have to be pushy or “sales-y”. They know which clients come in week after week, and if they notice that they don’t have a membership, they just ask them if anyone mentioned anything about memberships to them before. Once they give them the details and the info on the money they will save, it literally sells itself. The practitioners love it too because it helps to increase their client retention and repeat clientele. It’s really a win-win for everyone!


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