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Meevo Spring Release: New & Noteworthy Highlights

March 07, 2024

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Spring is in full swing! Along with the invigorating fresh breeze come some exciting Meevo enhancements in our latest release. Jump into our Q&A blog with Andrew Clarke, VP of Product Marketing, to hear some of the noteworthy highlights and as always, be sure to review the FULL release notes for a detailed summary of the amazing new features and updates!

Q1. What is your favorite enhancement in this release?

Well for our 2nd release of 2024 I would say my favorite enhancement would be the release of our MeGo Client App. This app offers businesses a fully customizable branded solution designed to elevate communication with their clients.


One standout feature within MeGo is the ability for businesses to craft personalized push notifications, keeping clients informed about new services, special promotions, staff updates, and holiday business hours adjustments. The in-app two-way messaging system allows seamless communication, enabling clients to send messages directly to the business that are visible within the Meevo Messenger HUB for comprehensive client interaction.


When we say fully customizable, we mean it! The app provides quick access to booking, gift card sales, and eCommerce solutions. Whether your business relies on appointment requests, online gift card sales, or platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce for eCommerce, the app can effortlessly direct clients to the relevant URL’s. Every feature is adjustable, allowing businesses to tailor the app to their unique models and needs by either hiding or displaying different features.


Additionally, we’ve incorporated a ‘Welcome’ notification feature, empowering businesses to convey the capabilities enabled within the app and share any essential information with clients upon their first login. The best part? It’s entirely FREE for businesses to enable and utilize.


Q2. How will clients benefit from this feature?

The businesses we support are looking for ways to communicate with their clients in the most effective ways possible. The truth is, nowadays it takes multiple channels to reach your entire audience. The MeGo app helps increase your visibility, delivers value to your clients, builds brand recognition, allows for better client engagement, boosts revenue and sales, and it’s such a simple way to communicate with your clients.


Meevo Marketing Tip: We highly suggest creating promotions exclusively offered through the MeGo app to help drive more adoption and usage.

Q3. What ‘hidden gem’ should all Meevo users know about?

In a previous release, we improved the visibility of text message delivery status to be seen within appointment audit logs and a few other areas. This update also included the new ability to detect whether or not a phone number can receive texts. If not, then the phone number is marked as ‘undeliverable’ so further messages aren’t sent to that number.


With this latest release, we are now subscribed to the phone number deactivation lists provided by the phone carriers. So, if a phone number is deactivated, we will be marking the phone number as deactivated within the client profile which will also prevent any further text messages from being sent to that number.


These enhancements will help reduce businesses costs incurred from sending texts to numbers that can’t receive them or have been deactivated. Please read through the release notes for more information on this update!


Have a great idea to improve Meevo?

Navigate to our Ideas Portal within the Help menu and search for your idea to see if someone has submitted it previously. If you find your idea, please comment and/or vote on that idea to help drive our roadmap priorities. If you don’t see your idea posted, please create a new one with as much detail as possible. This is the best way to stay informed on your ideas, and communicate directly with our product development team.


Thank you to our Meevo community for all of the feedback and requests that you take the time to provide. We greatly appreciate it and can’t wait to hear how the updates in this release help your beauty or wellness business!


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In case you missed it, we’ve revamped our referral program and upped the rewards just for YOU!

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