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The Meevo April Release Is Here!

April 19, 2023

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Spring is in full swing and with the warmer days come some new and exciting Meevo updates. Find out what features and improvements are coming your way in our April release Q&A with Andrew Clarke, VP of Product Development. We can’t wait to hear how these enhancements support your beauty business and improve daily operations!


Q1. What’s your favorite feature in this release?


I have several favorites! One particular feature update I’m excited about resolves the issue of creating duplicate customer profiles when first-time guests are entered into Meevo. This was a popular request submitted by our clients in the Ideas Portal.

Now, when new profiles are being created, Meevo will notify users if a duplicate exists based on the name and phone number entered. This will help eliminate tedious extra work and allow our users to more efficiently and accurately manage their customer base.


Q2. What is one must-know enhancement included in this release?


I have a couple of must-know enhancements included in this release:

  • We’ve added an ability for guest appointment notifications to be sent to someone else. This is similar to how we handle notifications when a minor is scheduled for an appointment where we send notifications to the parent or guardian. Now, businesses will be able to notate within client profiles who notifications should be sent to in cases where the email address on file might be shared.


  • We’ve also added the ability to accommodate appointments that are given as surprise gifts. This feature allows users to choose whether or not a guest receives appointment notifications, making it easy to keep that gift for Mom a secret until the big reveal. There is now a checkbox within the appointment editor to manage notification options. Disabling notifications for a client’s appointment will also prevent docs and forms from being sent to them.


Q3. How will this release improve the client experience for Meevo users and their guests?


As with every release, the feedback we receive on existing or new features via our Ideas Portal is vital to improving the Meevo experience for our users and also their clients. Over 100 of the ideas submitted to enhance Meevo and the guest experience have been deployed in this release, which is pretty incredible. I encourage the businesses we support to take the time to read through our release notes as some updates may require businesses to enable a feature or review new functionalities with the rest of their team.

Thank you to all of our users who take the time to contribute their feedback. We greatly value your ideas, and they are what help make Meevo the most-loved software in the industry!

We appreciate you being a part of the Meevo community and can’t wait to hear how the solutions in this release support your business.
Be sure to view the full Release Notes within the Meevo Help menu.

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