Video: Are You Playing like an Amateur or Professional?

May 09, 2018

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Do you know what the difference is between being an amateur and being a professional?

In this video, I’m going to talk about the qualities of each and show you how to become even more of a professional salon owner.

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I used to be a ballroom dance teacher. I was first a student and then became a professional ballroom dance teacher. Very fancy sounding, right?

There is a big difference between being in amateur competitions and professional competitions but really the only difference between being an amateur and a professional in the ballroom dance world is that you get paid to give other people lessons, and once you get paid, ta-da, you are a professional.

Let me ask you, even though you are a professional as a salon owner, do you often not get paid what you’re worth? There has to be something else besides just getting paid versus not that makes the difference between being an amateur salon owner and a professional salon owner.
There are three things I want to give you right now that are going to be helpful for you to know about the difference between an amateur and professional.

#1 – An amateur loves what they do and they don’t care how much they get paid

for it.

A professional loves what they do and they care about how much they get paid

for it.

Really important distinction.

#2 – An amateur doesn’t actually track, measure, or manage their results.

They think that the numbers are burdensome or overwhelming. They don’t really need to keep score because they do it because they love it so much.

Sound familiar?

A professional will be obsessive about their numbers.

They will check them on a daily and weekly basis, and make sure that the numbers are headed in the direction that they want because they are really focused on growing as an individual and growing their personal income.

#3 – An amateur never gets an outside view on what they are doing.

In fact, they kind of self-coach. They say, “I’m doing a great job and if I need any help, I’ll just keep drilling and working on it, and do it on my own.” And they think that if you want it done right, you have to do it by yourself.

Sound familiar? Again, amateur salon owner.

A professional says, “I need to get some help and support.”

They say, “I want somebody else to look at my business that is not emotionally attached to it, so they can give me an objective opinion about what I need to work on and what I need to be ignoring.”

And that is what will take you from being an amateur to being a professional.
I put together a list with more than those three tips in a download that you can get. You can take a look at it and compare yourself to how many things you are doing on the amateur side versus how many you are doing on the professional side.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF

If there’s anything on the amateur side, get it over there on the professional side. Make sure that you clean up what you are doing to become a professional salon owner, and I guarantee it will help you increase the revenue that you earn, not only for you, but it will also help create more six-figure earners on your salon’s team.

Hope this tip was helpful for you! Have an awesome week!


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