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Docs and Forms is your paperless solution for collecting client data. Streamline the way you collect and file client information, using a tablet instead of paper. This mobile-friendly integration for Meevo keeps you organized and clutter-free.

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women on cell phone recieving a text message to fill out form before salon and spa appointment

Decide When and How Forms Are Sent

You know your clientele better than anyone else, so you know when it’s best to reach them. Send your mobile-friendly forms during the initial booking, at appointment confirmation, or upon check-in.

Even better, you can trigger Meevo to send clients their forms via email or text message in advance depending on their preference, giving you one less thing to worry about when they arrive.

Fast and Effortless Form Creation

Reduce tedious manual work and easily create client forms from a pre-existing template or use a convenient drag-and-drop form builder to bring your document to life the way you want. There’s no limit on form creation either, so create away!

Meevo's Drag and Drop form builder
Meevo's client custom form fields

Client-Centric Customization

Can’t remember if your next guest Sarah is an attorney or a stay-at-home-mom? Let Docs and Forms collect and store important personal details like this, so you never forget.

Simply create, add, and save custom form fields and client profile fields like interests, hobbies, job, and more.

Flexible Configuration and Easy Access

Configure your forms to require clients to complete them once or upon each visit for specific services so no important details go overlooked. If new information is collected, it’s automatically updated in your Meevo client profiles.

When you need to quickly access a form for a specific client, simply navigate to their client profile within Meevo and easily reference their form history and any other past documents stored on file.

Meevo's Custom Docs and Forms based on services
Meevo's Docs and Forms service specific questions

Service-Specific Forms

Customize service-specific forms with questions and fields directly related to the services booked like pressure point preferences for massage, medical history for med spa services, etc. Once the essential information is captured, it’s automatically integrated within Meevo.

Customizable Business Branding

You can also give your docs and forms a memorable, branded look by matching them to your unique business aesthetic and adding your own logo for a more cohesive client experience.

Meevo's Docs and Forms Custom Branding

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