Part 1: Keeping your head in the game

Part 2: Postive Gains in leadership

Part 3: Getting to the Goal Line

From Football to Fades with John Mosley

October 23, 2019

John Mosley is one of the most in-demand educators and barbers in the industry. A former college football player, John’s work has been showcased on billboards, in music videos and on A-list clients like Kendrick Lamar and Idris Elba. He has taken a trade that dates back to the middle ages and brought it into the 21st century by leveraging social media, education and an eye for style.

In this 3-part video series they’ll cover:

  • Part 1: Keeping Your Head in the Game
  • Part 2: Positive Gains in Leadership
  • Part 3: Getting to the Goal Line

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