How Coaching Helped This Salon Owner Realize Incredible Success with Qnity and TnT Hair Salons

September 30, 2021

For salon and spa leaders seeking guidance to help them grow their business, overcome challenges, and achieve their professional dreams, one of our favorite solutions is coaching! With the assistance of an experienced coach, the possibilities and positive outcomes for owners and their businesses are endless.

To highlight the benefits coaching can provide to salon and spa leaders, we were joined by two amazing guests for a very special episode of Coffee Talk! Michele Savell, Owner of TnT Hair Salons and member of the MSI family, and Carrie Perkins, Director of Certified Trainers and Lead Qnity Coach and Michele's coach.

Watch this Coffee Talk to learn:

  • The results Michele has seen since working with Qnity and Carrie
  • Qnity's approach to coaching salon and spa leaders
  • How Meevo 2 helps amplify the benefits from Qnity's coaching system

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