How to Build a Salon & Spa Culture that Empowers Staff & Drives Results with Twylla Jane

February 24, 2022

Creating an impactful company culture is a mission that all businesses strive to achieve. An amazing culture helps to improve employee morale, decrease turnover, boost productivity, enhance the guest experience, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

But how can salon and spa leaders build a game-changing culture that leads to success? Who better to ask than a salon owner who's created a truly fantastic culture that's being recognized by the industry, her employees, and customers!

Joining us on this episode of Coffee Talk to chat all things culture is Twylla Jane - Owner of the Lumos Nox Salon, a Redken Artist, a Sam Villa Ambassador, and a member of the Meevo community!

Watch this Coffee Talk to learn:

  • Why Twylla made culture-building a priority when she opened her salon
  • The reason communication is critical to creating an amazing culture
  • Tips from Twylla on how you can enhance your salon and spa culture

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