The 8 Steps To Create a Thriving Beauty & Wellness Business with Angie Lund

June 24, 2021

Salon and spa leaders continuously look for ways to enhance existing strategies to help improve the guest experience and drive additional bookings. But what if there was a proven method developed by an industry leader in education that could help beauty and wellness businesses create consistency and realize newfound success?

Fortunately, such as system exists thanks to Eufora International and their 8 Steps to Salon Success. In this episode of Coffee Talk, we talk about these 8 steps and the importance of creating a Consistency Culture with Angie Lund, National Business Trainer for Eufora International and Moderator of the Eufora Salon Owner Network Accelerator Webinar.

Watch this Coffee Talk to learn:

  • Why Consistency Culture is so vital to business growth
  • What are the 8 Steps to Salon Success?
  • The results salon leaders can expect to see by implementing these 8 steps

Want to learn more about The Eufora 8 Steps to Salon Success? Click here to download Eufora's eBook and see how you can implement a Consistency Culture at your salon!

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