Growth Indicators

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Speak the Language of Growth

Millennium Systems International clients thrive in the beauty and wellness industries because they understand and learn from growth indicators. They know the tools necessary to succeed. They all speak the language of growth.

Taking your business to the next level requires attention to six key growth indicators that go beyond basic revenue goals. Millennium Systems International not only built its software around these indicators, but empowers clients through education with industry-proven strategies to long-term and predictable revenue growth.


New Clients Per Month

New Clients Per Month measures the average number of new clients that are serviced at a business.


New Client Retention

New Client Retention measures the total number of new clients retained who return within 90 days of their first appointment.


Repeat Client Retention

Repeat Client Retention measures the total number of repeat clients that are retained at a business after the second visit.


Frequency of Visit (FOV)

Frequency of Visit measures the average number of times a guest visits the business in a year.


Average Ticket

Average ticket measures the average dollar amount a guest spends per transaction.



Productivity is a measurement of how busy service providers are during scheduled business hours.