Business Mastery Webinar

Simplifying Client Engagement with Intelligent Automation

October 06, 2022

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What is your client engagement strategy, ensuring clients come back to your business every time? How are you filling your appointment book, ensuring your stylists are happy, but keeping costs low? There are many options available to automate marketing, and calls and texts to clients may bring them back, but emerging technologies can learn about your clients and reduce the level of effort and costs associated with quality engagement.

Watch this Business Mastery webinar to learn:

  • Metrics you should be paying attention to when trying to drive client engagement
  • How intelligent automation solutions can improve the performance of your business
  • The types of tools that you may want to consider and what to expect from them

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Content contributed by Patrick Blickman

Patrick Blickman is the CEO of

Simplifying Client Engagement with Intelligent Automation