Amendment to Meevo Subscription Agreement

Last Updated: February 1, 2018

THIS AMENDMENT, documents the changes you have elected to make to your Meevo Subscription, and the Subscription Agreement between you and MSI. Any capitalized terms not defined in this Amendment have the meaning ascribed to them in the applicable "Services Agreement", as such term is defined in the Meevo Master Software as a Service (SaaS) Agreement located at here (also referred to as the "MSA"). You understand that except as otherwise expressly and specifically modified by this Amendment, all of the terms, conditions, rights and obligations pursuant to the MSA and the other Services Agreements remain unchanged and in full force and effect.

You are: (i) agreeing to make changes to your Meevo Subscription ("Subscription Changes"); (ii) acknowledging and agreeing to the increased or decreased Fees ("Adjusted Fees") applicable to such Subscription Changes; and (iii) agreeing to pay MSI the Adjusted Fees as required in accordance with this Amendment and the applicable Services Agreements. All Fees are set forth on the pricing terms page.

You acknowledge the Subscription Changes, Adjusted Fees and terms as follows:

  • I direct MSI to change my current Meevo Subscription and agree to pay the Adjusted Fees set forth on the pricing terms page as required pursuant to my Subscription Changes
  • I understand, acknowledge, and agree that by amending my Meevo Subscription: (i) my Services will change on the Effective Date in accordance with my Subscription Changes; (ii) my Agreed Billing Date will remain the same; and (iii) Adjusted Fees will be effective on the Agreed Billing Date
  • I understand, acknowledge and agree that except as otherwise set forth in this Amendment: (i) the MSA and all Services Agreements remain in full force and effect; and (ii) each of the Services Agreements (including the Subscription Agreement subject to the amendments herein) are incorporated into this Amendment as if fully set forth herein
  • I represent to MSI that I am duly authorized to bind the Subscriber and to cause the Subscriber to comply with the terms and conditions herein without the consent of, or notice to, any third party
  • I understand and agree to the foregoing terms and conditions of this Amendment.

I am confirming my acknowledgement and agreement to the foregoing terms and conditions contained in this Amendment to the Meevo Subscription Agreement