Eliminate Inventory Headaches with These Tools

August 10, 2018

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Inventory is fun! Said, no one ever. While it is one of the biggest pain points for a salon or spa owner, it is a necessary evil that can have detrimental effects on your business if managed improperly. Your software system should be a helpful partner in inventory management. Leverage the full capabilities of Meevo’s inventory management tools to reduce overhead costs, streamline processes, and assist you in managing and monitoring your stock levels.

Meevo Inventory Tools

Designed with your business in mind, there are several Meevo features to help you with the headache of managing inventory, so you can spend more time growing your business.

Mobile-Minded. Scale your inventory management down to your mobile device to easily track, manage and monitor your inventory from anywhere in your business or on-the-go.

Product Variants. Keep your database organized by utilizing product variants. Define your product attributes (weight, colors, sizes, etc.) to save yourself during the product entry phase. Time is money!

Inventory Count. Gone are the days of printing out physical inventory count sheets. Take a snapshot of a product’s barcode with your mobile device’s camera to count your inventory.

Floor Location. Do you have multiple retail locations at your business?Floor Location allows you to link products to their specific retail area of your business. You can quickly filter the Stock Levels list and Inventory Count list to display all items in a certain location. Examples of Floor Locations may be Aisle 1, Behind Front Desk, or Northeast Corner.

Employee Supply Usage. Track the usage of back bar products and products used for client services to help you better budget your inventory.

Stock Levels. Manage your order quantities, model quantities, and order points for your products all from the Stock Levels. You can filter the products by type or Floor Location, as well as view current on hand amounts.

Multi-Product Bundles. Holidays are right around the corner! Bundles are a popular selling item for many businesses. Meevo allows you to assemble, disassemble, and properly track your bundles without the headache of manual adjustments.

Miscellaneous Supplies. Keep track of all the products (paper towels, coffee stirrers, mints, etc.) that enhance your client experience without impacting your day-to-day inventory process.

Earn Your Meevo Inventory Certification

Inventory can be one of the most challenging areas for any business. Proper inventory management is necessary to stay organized and on track for overall success. How do you know what to order, if you cannot track the preferences of your client base? How do you stay on top of theft, if you don’t have an accurate picture of what is sitting on your shelves?

Through the Meevo Inventory Certification program at The Millennium Experience 2018, you will receive formal training on utilization of the software and industry best practices and learn:

  • How to set up and organize your products for the best success
  • How to properly evaluate stock level numbers for profitable retail sales
  • How to count, manage, and order your inventory to best suite your business model

Assess your current inventory processes and create an action plan for getting your business’ inventory under control, all without a headache, and so much more at the educational event of the year. Sign up for certifications and register here.


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