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Salon Express Services: Why You Should Offer Them + 20 Ideas

June 06, 2024

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Ever had a client call in a time crunch, frazzled and desperately in need of a beauty pick-me-up but without hours to spare at the salon? Whether they forgot their recent appointment, have a last-minute obligation, or they’re simply juggling life’s chaos, sometimes a quick touch-up is all they need, and that’s where your business comes in! Enter: fast and fabulous salon express services.


These in-and-out game changers offer clients flexibility and give them more reasons to fill your chairs on an ongoing basis, boosting retention and frequency of visit, while exponentially growing your bottom line.


Let’s explore express services and how they can help you maximize profits this summer and beyond!

salon express services - a woman getting a blowout at a salon

Why Offer Express Services at Your Salon?

Let’s face it, if you’re a grownup in today’s fast-paced world, time is a precious commodity. Express services cater to the needs of busy guests who don’t quite have the hours to spare, but still want to look and feel their best. Fun fact: In the last year, there was a 26% increase in the demand for quick beauty fixes, can you believe that?!


When adding express services at your salon, aim to keep them at 30 minutes or less. Think “glow-on-the-go” offerings that of course still bring value to your clients but aren’t nearly as much of a scheduling commitment. Maximize beauty, minimize time.


Did You Know? Meevo makes increasing your average ticket easier than ever with automatic upsell prompts that encourage guests to book relevant add-on services and/or products to combine with their existing treatment. Pretty nifty, right?

Express Services Are the Gateway to Full Services

Express services no doubt increase visit frequency amongst current clients, but they can also introduce you to new clients who become repeat clients who eventually rely on you for full services and beyond. The opportunities are endless! If you like the looks of a full house at your salon, get ready for that bustling atmosphere to head your way.


Another option? Fill those scheduling gaps between longer appointments or during slow days or slow periods (think summer slowdown).

salon express services - a woman getting an eyebrow wax

20 Enticing Salon Express Services

1. The Babe Blowout: The quick refresh cure that adds volume and shine in just 30 minutes and takes guests from feeling meh to flaunting magnificence.

2. Mini Mani: Trim, shape, polish, bam! This speedy nail treatment covers all the basics and saves the soaks and frills for that next appointment.

3. Pronto Pedicure: A quick soak, scrub, and polish for those toes on the go.

4. Brows Behave: Tame and reshape those unruly and bushy brows with a swift wax or threading session that annihilates those wryly gray stragglers at lightning speed.

5. Lash Lift: No mascara needed with this 20-minute treatment that’ll give clients wow-worthy lashes for weeks.

6. Lip & Chin Wax: Quick and easy hair removal that’ll have clients smooth sailing in less than 15 minutes.

7. Dry Styling: Skip the wash and put a little life back into already-dry locks with heat tools like curling irons, wavers, straighteners, etc.

8. Mini Makeover: Ideal for pre-event touch-ups, photography, date night, etc.

9. Express Facial: The perfect glow on the go facial with cleansing, exfoliation, and a hydrating mask to send clients out the door feeling skin-quenched.

10. Beard Trim: For the gentleman in need of a speedy beard spruce up.

11. Scalp Massage: Stress relief in 15 minutes? Yes, please. Plus, it basically doubles as a hair treatment.

12. Root Touch-Up: No-nonsense color refresh for those roots that snuck up on your guests at an inconvenient time.

13. Hand & Foot Massage: Simple yet powerful. Sometimes all someone needs is a tranquil 20-minute escape.

14. Spray Tan: Sometimes your guests need to look like they were beachside all month long, but in a matter of minutes and without all the UV damage from tanning beds or hours in the sun.

15. Gloss & Go: Deep conditioning and glossing treatments work wonders on dry or processed hair and require minimal time to restore lustrous, hydrated locks.

16. Nail Flair: Fancy up your clients’ nails in no time with fun yet easy-to-apply designs or stickers that give them a boost without the time commitment of a full nail treatment.

17. Back to Zen: Zap tension in 20! An express back massage focused on an isolated area to boost relaxation.

18. Olaplex Quick Revive: An accelerated bond-building treatment for stronger, healthier hair that’s ideal for chemically treated locks in need of a little extra TLC.

19. Updo & Go: Perfect for weddings, parties, prom, or any special event that requires something a little extra pizzazz.

20. Instant Eye Lift: Eliminate puffiness and brighten eyes by offering clients a fast-acting lymphatic drainage massage that requires no more than a little moisturizing oil and light pressure.


a woman getting a bang trim at a salon

Ready to kick things up a notch with salon express services?

Salon express services are one of the easiest ways to boost foot traffic and keep revenue flowing, whether you’re in a slow time or peak season. More clients coming in for quick treatments means more sales and a hoppin’, energetic salon atmosphere and who doesn’t want that?!

Help your clients maintain their wow-worthy looks and keep business booming with these industry tips and strategies!


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