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Meevo's revolutionary navigation is designed for the fast-paced salon and spa world. Brilliant shortcuts and multitasking features mean less clicking around and meeting more goals.

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Who doesn't want an intelligent booking assistant? Offering voice recognition and natural language understanding, the Convobar® enables you to speak or type your command into the responsive search bar to quickly scan your appointment book, open reports, access your schedules and so much more.

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Keep Clients Engaged

Make your job easier and build customer trust. When clients have questions, you have on-the-spot answers (and Client Find will let you take the credit). Easily view and update client profiles, purchase histories and future salon and spa appointments.

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Multitask Like A Pro

Meevo is designed to help you juggle your long to-do list. Need to switch gears quickly? Simply toggle between tasks and work on multiple pages. When you're ready, pick up right where you left off without losing data.

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