3 Simple Ways to Make your Business A Little More Green

April 22, 2019

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In honor of Earth Day, we’ve created a list of tips any salon or spa can do to help the environment and your bottom line.

Start a Recycling Program

  1. Add a few trash cans for recycling and place them next to your regular trashcans to keep recycling top of mind (and easy to do).
  2. When offering coffee or water to your clients, switch to 100% post-consumer recycled products.
  3. Use Meevo 2’s Mobile Register to give your clients the option of receiving their receipt via email for a greener option!

Give Your Lighting an Upgrade

  1. Invest in energy-efficient LED lightbulbs. They use over 60 percent less energy and they last much longer than a traditional light bulb. “I haven’t changed a light bulb in a year,” explains James Alba, owner of the B Hive Salon in Hillsdale, NJ.
  2. Install motion sensors in the restrooms, supply rooms and break rooms to reduce energy usage (and your electric bill)!

Switch to Cold Water

  1. Turning the cold water in your washing machine to hot water is added expense. According to Money Crashers, switching from hot to cold water creates an annual cost savings of $136 on 400 loads. And is perfectly hygienic for cleaning towels or clothing.
  2. Try a natural detergent. It will reduce exposure to chemicals and can save a little green!

Other tips to consider:

  1. Replace paper towels in the restrooms with energy-efficient hand dryers
  2. Switch to natural cleaning products
  3. Offer a selection of sulfate-free shampoos or natural beauty products for more naturally-focused clients
  4. Use local products whenever possible. It builds great relationships within your community and supports other local businesses.

For more on the green movement, check out our Coffee Talk: The Business of Going Green with James Alba.

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