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How AI Can Boost Productivity at Your Salon & Spa

June 08, 2023

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AI seems to be the hot topic that everybody is talking about these days. It’s not as confusing or scary as you might think though, and don’t worry, AI isn’t coming for everyone’s jobs! So, what exactly can AI do for YOU?

For starters, it can save your salon and spa valuable time and money. It can help boost productivity, streamline operations, and create a more modern guest experience. Whether you’re an owner, manager, service provider, or receptionist, our AI tips and tools will help make your work life simpler, easier, and maybe even a little cooler.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is when computer systems can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. That includes voice and speech recognition, visual perception, translating, and even decision-making.


How is AI Being Used Today?

AI has been around for several decades, but it’s only made its way into our daily lives in recent times. Some common examples are voice assistants like Siri or Alexa, facial recognition for unlocking phones, text autocorrect, and fraud detection software.

When it comes to the latest and greatest artificial intelligence innovations, open source AI reigns supreme. You’ve probably already heard about some of the platforms and while they share similarities, it helps to understand how to leverage them for different tasks and projects.


Here are 5 popular open source AI tools to consider:

  1. ChatGPT – Creates engaging, humanlike content that can be used for a variety of purposes including social media posts, blogs, website content, promotional materials, and so much more.
  2. CLIP – Combines images and text to predict the most fitting captions to characterize those images. In contrast to ChatGPT, CLIP is equipped to analyze two different kinds of data—visuals and content.
  3. Whisper – Uses speech recognition to translate voice into written content and recognizes over 90 languages. Whisper is typically used for transcribing audio and can be a huge time-saver whether you’re using it for say, a training or tutorial, or to compile a written to-do list without the manual effort.
  4. Rasa – Creates conversational chatbots with both audio and text capabilities and analyzes user feedback to provide relevant answers and solutions in an easy-to-understand humanistic way.
  5. Looka – Generates graphic designs from scratch and is largely used for business branding purposes like creating logos, social media posts, business cards, online shops, the list goes on.

How to Use AI to Boost Productivity at Your Salon & Spa


Appointment Scheduling

Nowadays, guests can book and manage appointments online from anywhere. The right management software will automate the scheduling process, allowing you to schedule and change appointments in a heartbeat. This saves time for staff and clients while reducing scheduling errors like double booking.

Voice Assistants

What if you could book appointments, rearrange schedules, run reports and even check out guests all with the sound of your voice? Well, you can! Meevo’s Convobar®, uses voice activation to instantly find and filter the info you need when you need it, even on your mobile device, so you can stay client-focused at all times.

Managing Your Waitlist

No more tracking names and making phone calls to fill schedule openings and last-minute cancellations. Instead, an AI-powered automated waitlist will scan your appointment book every 5 minutes, identify openings, and automatically text clients on your waitlist to fill the slot. You can even give your most loyal guests priority by moving them to the top.

Automated Text Messaging

More than 89% of customers prefer texting with a business over any other mode of communication, especially Millennials. So, if you aren’t already texting with your guests, it’s time to get on board! You can use AI to automate text message appointment confirmations, reminders, and receipts. Set up marketing texts to be sent on specific days and times and to specific segments of your clientele.

Automated & Segmented Email Marketing

Just as with text messaging, you can use AI to automate and simplify your email marketing strategy. Send personalized messages and promotions based on guests’ preferences and past appointments. AI algorithms in your software can help identify trends and patterns in client behavior, allowing you to better target your efforts.

AI-Powered Salon & Spa Tools

There’s a lot of cool AI-powered tools on the market for you to try and show guests new ways to see what might work for them. Virtual try-on tools are a fun way to let guests check out new hair colors, hairstyles, or makeup before they decide to fully commit. Smart mirrors can analyze a guests’ skin and provide personalized skincare recommendations and even help track their effectiveness to ensure the right treatment.

Offering Upgrades and Add-Ons

AI can help generate more revenue by automatically prompting guests to upgrade or add on to their service when booking online and when clients check in at your self-check kiosk. Set up rebooking prompts when guests checkout chairside to increase your frequency of visit.

Loyalty Programs

Use AI to analyze client data such as average ticket, appointment history, or product purchases to offer more personalized incentives and loyalty perks. 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when brands offer personalized experiences, so you’re certain to reap the rewards!

Inventory Management

Tracking and analyzing product inventory can be cumbersome, time consuming, and oftentimes frustrating. With the help of AI-powered inventory management, you can more easily ensure products are always in stock, track how much you’ve sold or used, and run the right reports to analyze the data you need most.

AI Can Empower Your Salon or Spa to Get More Done with Less Effort.

No doubt, AI is changing the beauty and wellness industry for the better. It has helped create valuable tools for taking your marketing, business operations, and guest experience to the next level without next-level effort. We hope these ideas help you work with more ease and efficiency, more fun, and most of all, more success!


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